Title and Abstract of the posters

First round of posters : Monday 19th May and Tuesday 20th May.

a) G. Alberti, Using multiple frequencies to satisfy local constraints in PDE and applications to hybrid problems.
b) E. Altuntac, Reconstruction of the atmospheric state by remote sensing technology.
c) A. Aspri, On detecting a magma chamber from deformation and gravity measurements on the boundary of the half-space.
d) I. Ben Aïcha, Stability estimate for an inverse problem for the wave equation from boundary measurements
e) J. Bondestam-Malmberg, Reconstruction of refractive indexes from blind experimental data using approximate globally convergent and adaptative finite element methods.
f) J. Brouns, Identification de défauts au sein de structures de génie civil : identifiabilité de différentes formes de défauts.
g) A. S. Demidov, Explicit formula for the harmonic function in terms of its analytic Cauchy data on the analytic curve and the inverse problem for the plasma equilibrium in a tokamak.
h) G. Floridia, Bilinear control of nonlinear parabolic problems arising in climatology.

i) K. Fujishiro, Approximate Controllability of Fractional Diffusion Equations by
Boundary Control


Second round of posters : Wednesday 21th May and Thursday 22th May.

j) J. Ilmavirta, The broken ray transform.
k) E. Jaïem, Cavities identification problems with missing data.
l) I. Kaddouri, Determination of a periodic coefficient for a nonlinear parabolic operator defined on the real axis
m) Z. Li, Initial-boundary value problem for multi-time-fractional diffusion equation and some inverse problems.
n) Y. Liu, An efficient numerical method for inverse source problems for hyperbolic-type equations .
o) K. Niinimäki, Sparse X-ray tomography.
p) H. Ouzzane, Problème inverse de détermination de deux coefficients d'un système couplé hyperbolique-parabolique.
q) B. Riahi, Stability estimate in determination of a coefficient in transmission wave equation by boundary observation.
r) L. Seppecher, A mathematical and numerical framework for ultrasonically-induced Lorentz force electrical impedance tomography.

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