Scope of the conference

The analysis of inverse problems belongs to one of the fastest growing areas in applied mathematics. Inverse problems are encountered in several areas of applied sciences such as biomedical engineering and imaging, geosciences, remote sensing, financial modelling and non-destructive material evaluation.They arise in many practical situations when difficulties are experienced in measuring causal features of a given phenomenon. Solving the associated inverse problem is thus an attempt to construct from its actual observation, the equations which give rise to it.

There is a large number of mathematical and computational difficulties associated to the analysis of inverse problems. One of the great challenges of solving inverse problems lies in the fact that they might be ill-posed or non linear.

The aim of this conference is to stimulate discussions on mathematical and computational challenges of inverse problems, and namely on problems arising in the analysis of

  • inverse problems with internal measurements, which play an important role in detection problems encountered in tomography, imaging and photoacoustics.
  • control methods in inverse problems allowing to retrieve singular sources in the wave equation.
  • inverse conductivity problems which may now be treated with partial and local Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps;
  • application of Carleman inequalities to the study of inverse problems.

 The steering committee planned to dedicate a significant part of the financial support assigned to this conference for inviting young researchers working in the field of the inverse problems in order to allow them to interact with numerous recognized actors in this domain.



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